Towards a mechanistic understanding of land-use effects on ecosystem services provided by African savanna woodlands

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Title:Main Title: Towards a mechanistic understanding of land-use effects on ecosystem services provided by African savanna woodlands
Description:Abstract: MSC thesis on vegetation survey data collected in Zambezi Region Namibia in 2018-2019. In this study we aim at answering the following research questions: (i) To which amount do conservation and agricultural intensification alter carbon storage and losses in the vegetation, (ii) which disturbance agents are important factors for carbon dynamics in the woody vegetation and (iii) how do disturbance feed-back on other ecosystem services. In order to be able to make differentiated statements about this, we assessed carbon stocks and losses in the woody vegetation in five different land-use types. A space-for-time substitution was used to arrange plots along the two alternative pathways of land-use change: nature conservation vs agricultural intensification. In order to account for the effects of multiple disturbance agents in savanna ecosystems under varying land-uses, the aboveground woody biomass (AGB) was calculated based on a complex procedure involving separate allometric models for different tree types, considering woody individuals of all growth forms and live-stages, and taking into account lost biomass, differentiated by various disturbance agents.
Responsible Party
Creator:Daniela Niedeggen (Author)
Contributors:Anja Linstädter (Supervisor), Ekkehard Klingelhoeffer (Hosting Institution), Liana Kindermann (Data Manager), Magnus Dobler (Data Collector), Salvation Mahulilo (Data Collector)
Funding Reference:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG): CRC/TRR 228: Future Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation
Publisher:CRC/TRR228 Database (TRR228DB)
Publication Year:2020
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Date:Submitted: 31.03.2020
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Specific Information - Report
Report Date:31st of March, 2020
Report Type:Master Thesis
Report City:Cologne, Germany
Report Institution:University of Cologne
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Metadata Creator:Liana Kindermann
Metadata Created:29.10.2020
Metadata Last Updated:29.10.2020
Funding Phase:1
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